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Rub your baby's gum with brandy. Just dip your finger in a brandy and rub it on your baby's gums 3times a day. It works immediately.

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none ya

I just used rum and it works so good for teething i just dipped the tip of my finger in it and rubbed her upper gum and it will not effect them in the long run my gma and mom use to do it to me as a baby and i hate alcohol and beer its just a choice u choose when u get older because babys dont remember idiots man

been there done that.

Alcoholics are NOT created by brandy on the gums and teething. that is not how it works. I was always aloud a small amount if wine with supper or a sip if my parents. My parents used a little whisky on the gums for teething. I DO NOT DRINK. I was never told it was bad and discouraged from ever drinking. I was taught how to use it responsibly. If it works for your baby than do it. teach you children to respect alcohol and you will no have a problem.


I'm sorry I don't agree with the last comment..i used brandy as pain relief for my teething son who is now 20yrs old..2nd yr in university, doesn't smoke and drinks on the odd occasion..

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