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Rub your baby's gum with brandy. Just dip your finger in a brandy and rub it on your baby's gums 3times a day. It works immediately.

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omg!! Your a total life saver!! I've been up all night trying all kinds of things and just about 10mins ago seen your post... tried it..and.. bam!! my baby girl is totally nocked out! thank you so much!!


What kind of brandy?


Where do you get it from?


Would bourbon work the same?


How long before it works?


Any brandy. Just dip the tip of your fingure in the brandy and rub it on the gums. You can do it 3times a day.


I know how desperate we can all get when it comes to teething but even the smallest bit of alcohol is harmful for a baby


And all the medication you get from thw pharmacy for your lil one doesn't have alcohol in it? This is only needed for 3days...not more I guess


Give your infant alcohol at such a young age and I will guarantee they will be alcoholics in later life. Trust me on this.As the brain is developing from such an early age the child will become to be dependent on it.Pacify your child by love and patience. Giving a child a quick fix of alcohol is ruining their lives. I know. Trust me. Please.


I don't think you can 'guarantee' someone will become an alcoholic just because the parent rubbed alcohol on a baby's gums (speaking as someone in recovery from alcohol)
but I would be concerned about my child's breathing rubbing alcohol on his gums. It goes straight to the blood stream. No judgment, I know everyone here just wants the best for their little ones.

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