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I'm 23 years old and I had to start off 2014 with the most painful experience of my life. I've never had a boil like this. I'm prone to bumps along my bikini line and butt checks but they usually were not painful and would go away in a week.

I did not realize how serious this boil was until it caused me more pain and continued to grow to a little bit bigger than the size of a golfball. I thought I was chaffing and put baby powder on it. Helped temporarily but that was it. By the next day (NYE) I searched online for remedies. Ichthammol and tree tea oil were one of the most popular remedies so I tried that. You can get both items at the first aid section of CVS.

I cleaned the boil and and surrounding area with soup and water. Put tree tea oil on gauze and pat it on the boil. Then took the Ichthammol and placed it directly on the gauze and covered the boil. I taped the gauze down and continued this same process over the next 2 days every 4-5 hours.

Overnight it begin draining big time! I was relieved to see it working but the size had not gone down nor was pain gone. The following day I took 2 hot baths for approximately 30-45 each while doing hot compresses. It made my boil extremely sore and brought me more pain. As I went to bed that night the pain was so bad it brought me to complete tears. I literally had to cry myself to sleep. Fortunately, early the next morning my boil had finally popped! Literally the golf ball mass disappeared. I am still doing this remedy to make sure all the fluid and blood are draining. But there is less pain and I can walk a little bit better.

My advice is to treat the boil as early as you detect it. I could have saved myself so much pain...

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