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I am a 26 y/o male and struggled with hpv for years. I woupd like to share with everyone what i have learned and i believe it will absolutely help you. First realize that this is an internal virus and even if you find a cream that works on the warts or you freeze them off they can and will return unless you boost your immune system. Since i have switched to a paleo diet full time cutting out breads, grains, and excess sugars the warts have left. There is a great book on amazon called practical paleo that can make the transition easier for people who are confused about paleo. I also found that supplementing certain vitamins like b12, C, folic acid, green tea extract, licorice root and garlic all help as well. Please try this before resorting to medication or scarring up your sensitive areas as for this is a true solution afterall and those options only bandaid the real issue. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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Hi I'm trying the same. Boosting the immune system with supplements and proper diet. How long did it take to the warts to disappear with the paleo diet?


When i switched to the paleo diet i saw and felt immediate results. The area became less itchy and started to clear up the first week. Especially if you take the supplements clark listed. Thank you so much clark

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