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Now it may sound a little silly but go ahead and get your every day toothpaste! Put that on the boil and it should come to a head in 5-10 minutes. If you want it to start draining and you already have a head on the boil, put a lot of toothpaste on it (cover it up with a bandage so you are prepared for drainage) and also make sure you do this before going to bed. In the morning you should see that it has drained. You may have to do this for a few days.😊

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Does it have to be paste toothpaste, or can it be the gel toothpaste too?? I hope it doesn't matter cause i only have the gel


Will it work on the bottom of my foot?


Wow this really works. Am a breastfeeding mum and I have this boil in my butt very close to where I had episiotomy. I couldn't sit or walk well and was very scared to take antibiotics. I found this site around 2am and tried close up toothpaste which I felt was a gel but that was what I could lay hand on. Woke up and saw the head ripe and before I could walk around it burst. Will try it again today cos I feel some are still in there.


This definitely worked!!! I had a broil on my buttcheek now I work sitting down all day and it hurt so much. I went to the ER but they were quick to tell me they'll have to put lidocaine and cut it opened and I didn't like the idea.

Came home googled remedies at home saw this which I had on HAND who doesn't have toothpaste. I put a fingertip full on my broil and in less than 10 minutes I had a head and in another 5 minutes blood and pus started coming out. I cleaned it with a hot towel to compress it a little and did the process again and this time I covered it with a gauze for the night. Hopefully it's all drained by tomorrow 😱. Lucky for me mine isn't that big. Thanks for the post!!! Great help!!


I been having these things all my life and normally I would go get them lance when the pain becomes to much to bare. This time it was big as a golf ball under the right arm. Hurt so bad to where I couldn't put my arm down. Put a lot of tooth paste on it till it started to burn then washed it off. Seen that the head was more visible so I put a little bit just on the head and waited then washed it off and it had slowly started to drain. Im gonna repeat until it pours out and the pain is more manageable.


Yes toothpaste works, it's a remedy for zits and pimples to pull them to a whitehead. I suffer from boils and cists and the best remedy I found for myself, was including toothpaste. I simply jump in the shower for about 30 mins with nice hot water and soaking my boil with the hot water, get out, dry off and then apply toothpaste. (Put a bandaid over top, so you don't smear it or get it on anything)
I would recommend NOT putting toothpaste directly onto your genitals but you may try a dab just in case it's not 'technically' on your genitals.


How many days do I have to applt toothpaste before it burst? Gosh can't stand this.

confused univ student

This is the 2nd time I had abscess on my lady part and the first time I got it I was only 15 or 16. Thank God I didn't tell my mom cause it's guaranteed that she will take me to the er. I wasn't quite understand what to do that time so I only applied betadine to my boil and it burst by itself after few days.
Now I wanna try the toothpaste trick, but since it's on my ladypart do you think it's safe? And even worse, I'm on my period now. The pain is bearable to me, it's just annoying so I want it to burst asap.

christine blades

omg, thank you so much, i really didnt think this would work, but i put toothpaste on, and within 30 mins it had burst, i am sooo happy, thank you


I just would like to ask if u can put a bandaid on an abscess after it bust it self? I've had it for a lil bit and it started get bad like Tuesday or Wednesday of last week. I'm still gonna go to the hospital and let the doctor finish lancing it and get proper care for it. I was just asking if you can put a bandaid on an abscess after it bust it self.

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