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I've suffered with BV for about a year. I've done countless research and nothing until recently. So now that's over I thought I would share with you guys.

1. Can't have sex( for at least 2-3 months) having sex makes the smell worse.
2. Cut out all alcohol, fast food, soda, and juice ( you can cheat once a week, but if you like chipotle stay away from it for about a 2 months).
4. Fruits are your best friend, along with yogurt especially pineapples
5. Tea tree oil (you can find at walmart)

These five elements helped me out..I haven't smelled anything in 2 weeks. I was even able to have sex again with confidence after 3 months! I hope this helps. Btw I did go to clinic the first time I caught BV I went to the clinic and they prescribe me medication which only works for a week. Waste of time and money, STD testing is the best way to go.

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But you know that BV is NOT and STD, right?


Um yes! But you so know that you still have to get tested because you possibly have HIV and BV is one of the symptoms. Also you can possibly have gonerrhea. I spelled that wrong

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