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Take an oatmeal bath to relieve itching.

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I took oatmeal baths when I had it as a child and plan to do so for mine when they get it. It really helps.


My 5 year old boy had CP, a few weeks ago.He was covered, and I did some reseach on the web, and tried Oatmeal baths!
Tepid water a Cupful of oeatmeal, swished around and I let him sit in it for half hour, pouring it over him, whilst he played.
It calmed the itching down.I did this Three times a day, Morning afternoon and before he jumped into bed!

Aidan Fife

The oatmeal bath really helped, while I was in it, but afterwards I had wrinkly fingers.

Kristy B

If you put the oatmeal in an old stocking, panty hose, or trouser sock and tie it. This will work just as well and will keep your drain clean and the tub clean. Run the tied stocking under the water and squezze to release the juices.

muhammad ali

take 30 neem leaves , 25 fenugreek leaves, 10 tbs bitter gourd skin paste, 1 glass water put all these things in blender blend it then strain out nd fill in Empty spray bottle. spray on Chicken pox + take bath with this water.


Use aveeno colloidal oatmeal . Comes ready to use in packs of 10 sachets. Doesn't clog the bath

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