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Its called Vitanica bacteria arrest! Its a suppository that you use for 6 days. I'm telling you I am always having a problem with reoccurring BV. I have to gk to the doctor every month I take their antibiotics and it always comes back!! For over a year I've been struggling with this an its discouraging. But I'm tellin you I used one of these tablets an I swear an hour later I had no odor or thin discharge!! It was almost instant! I haven't had a problem with it coming back after I used this. If you have reoccurring BV I STRONGLY recommend this product! Its the best I've used so far. And to help keep my PH balance I soak in a bath with boric acid powder and It works! Its gone an hasn't came back for a few months!! Try it ladies its the best!! Vitanica Bacteria Arrest suppository tablets

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Where can I obtain suppositories?? I really do need this info. I've been struggling with BV for 2 years. Still no success:-(


I goggled vita mica Bacteria arrest suppositories and they sell them on amazon and other health links


so you just used all six of them and you didn't have to take no more


Just purchased some...hopefully it works! Praying!


I've been dealing with BV for about a year. It seemed to have first started after having sex with my previous boyfriend, would appear to clear up after a few days or a week without intercourse, but would reappear about a week before my period followed by symptoms lasting a couple days after my period. Throughout the last year, another trigger seemed to be stress, which led to increased smoking.

After I started having sex with my current boyfriend, I would have some slight symptoms lasting a few days to a week. My doctor prescribed antibiotics, but I was reluctant to take them because I didn't want a yeast infection to occur (as they kill good and bad bacteria), my online research showed that BV would likely just recur, and I didn't want to reduce the effectiveness of my birth control pills. Since the symptoms were usually mild and seemed to only last a few days, I thought maybe I could just live with avoiding sex and showering frequently and thoroughly during those days.

Out of frustration and embarrassment over noticing the fishy odor and discharge returning yesterday, I bought a bottle of Vitamin C from Walgreens (Finest Nutrition brand, with rose hips, 500 mg, 100 caplets). Some of my research suggested using these as vaginal suppositories and to take orally. I inserted one caplet a couple hours before bed, and by the time I turned in, the smell had disappeared.

I didn't have any odor this morning, nor any excessive or strange discharge. There was no burning or stinging sensation throughout the night either. I haven't had any further symptoms today at work. I did take one caplet orally with lunch.

I intend to take these caplets orally and as vaginal suppositories for the next couple of days to try to restore my pH balance completely before my period begins next week, with the idea tht I may have to do this again after my period ends. I will also just take these orally during my period to see if that helps once I finish.

Just thought I'd share since this was a relatively inexpensive way to resolve the symptoms ($8.00 for the bottle, whereas RepHresh can be $25.00 for a 4-day treatment), and I noticed results almost immediately without any discomfort.

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