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Go to the doctors and check your B12 Levels people! It could be as simple as taking a vitamin. There are studys that look at the link between B12 deficiancy and RSL. I suffer from restless legs and also have an auto immune disease which means that my body cant absorb B12 orally. Having to go to the doctors every 3 months to have my B12 shots is a big pain but it beats having restless legs all the time! I no as soon as im due for my shot because my restless legs kicks in.. Thats my reminder to go and have a shot and that very night... No more rls!!! Hope this helps :-)

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I take 5,000 mg of B12 a day and still have RLS


There are different types of b12 vitamins. Different people need to take different versions. That is why not everyone gets the same results.

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