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I started suffering from restless leg syndrome when i was 10 years old. My grandma told me to put a bar of soap like dial or any bar of soap will work in a sac like a pillow case at the end of the bed and it cures it not even joking i don't have it anymore and i'm 18 now so try it, it really works thank you grandma

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Hans Christian Andersen

No, No, No - the bar of soap must be under the mattress. As I explained in my seminal work, 'The Princess and The Pea', mattresses have a magical ability to channel and magnify the power of any object placed beneath them. Just as the mattress used a 'pea' to detect true royalty, a mattress will use the soap to cure restless legs. This is the only way that you can truly 'Live Happily Ever After'.


That's so ridiculous. RLS is a neurlogic condition.
Something else stopped your RLS, it was not a bar of soap. :)

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