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I asked God to heal me and I believed with all my heart that he would. and guess what, he did. have faith in God and confess that you are healed. that's my remedy

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I have to say that the same thing happened to me, after years of asthma attacks, using the pump. I left it in GOD 's Hands, no it wasn't instant. But I was slowly using the pump less and less but all of a sudden I was using the pump twice or three times a day than it was gone, I didn't realise I stopped using it than I did and praised GOD.
TO those who may think I didn't have it I say I have felt that pain of Not getting enough breath in, every step to doctor's was so much pain, I've experienced it all but GOD has healed me through the Blood if JESUS! And although this sickness may try returning, I claim my healing.
But I can never say a person must stopped suddenly using the pump, but trust GOD while you using it.
I had.never tried the caffeine, or anything else, as I never thought it would work.


Wow, all these comments must be from people who are really filled with Anger
Anyway, I am going through Asthma attacks but I've learned to not panic and put my trust in God, all these remedies are temporary but God's healing power is Permanent,I receive my breakthru


This is the stupidest shit I ever heard, your body can grow out of asthma eventually, god played no part in that, other that's 'creating adom and eve'


have Faith in God and You Will be healed God Will Never leave our side :)


God heals... don't worry about what other people say.

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