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I asked God to heal me and I believed with all my heart that he would. and guess what, he did. have faith in God and confess that you are healed. that's my remedy

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I love it ,and i believe in our LORD JESUS CHRIST AMEN,He got the power, His the ONE can do every things, and it said in the bible when you pray and ask God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ he will cure all our sickness and diseases believe in Him, and trust Him, His our savoir, He died for us to save us from our sin, if He saved us from our sins, then asthma its nothing for Him to cure it depends on our faith , so if we believe in Jesus of course He will cure our asthma ,i believe in Jesus very strong and His the only one no one is before Him or no one will come after Him Amen.


I feel so sad and sorry for those who don't believe in God. Where do they go when they need something to believe in. Maybe they just haven't ever had to believe for the impossible.


Firstly, if you think 'god' cured your so called asthma you probably didn't have it in the first place. Second, I don't care about peoples religions. Believe in what you want. But to spew your beliefs on a page where people are looking for actual help is retarded. So how about my next asthma attack I will sit there and pray to god for him to help me. To make it so I can breathe. Doubt it'd work. Wait, I know it wouldn't because when I had faith as a child I almost died from an attack and I prayed in my head. But what saved me? The doctors at the er. So take your 'god heals' crap and go somewhere else.


First of all you are already healed In the Name of Jesus. When Jesus was crucified he took on all of our sins and that includes our sicknesses. He defeated all of those things described in John 10:10 (Kill, Steal and destroy. Romans 6:6 says that the body of sin has been destroyed. So if sin (that includes sickness)has also been destroyed, therefore you are no longer subject o sickness (Romans 6:14 For sin shall have no dominion over you) Sickness no longer has dominion over you.

Second of all a person does not need faith to be healed. Did Lazarus have faith? (John Ch. 11) Lazarus was DEAD! He couldn't have any faith.

Third, do not ask God to heal you. His will is to heal you (Isaiah 53:5) You have alrdy been healed when Jesus died on the cross. Instead of asking God to heal you (he alrdy knows you need healing before you even ask (Matthew 6:31-32)Give God praise for having alrdy healed you. Speak those things that are not as if they were (Romans 4:17)

Bothers and Sisters TAKE BACK what is already yours, your healing! In the book of Genesis, God said subdue, take dominion over the earth. That means take Dominion over your sickness!

The fight is yours, he has given us power over all of the enemy. (Luke 10:19)

The enemy is not Gods enemy its our enemy. (1 Peter 5:8 says Your enemy the devil prowls like a roaring lion seeking who he MAY devour. Who he May not who he WILL!

Everyone on here is posting that God will heal and so on and so forth. He has already healed you In JESUS name! (John 14:13-14 if you ask anything in his name he will do it!) ;-)


I believe pretty much what the last person said ' By His (Jesus) stripes you ARE healed.... And the ones who are stupid!!!! Pray Gods' blessing for them cause He loves them and is waiting for us to pray that HE will soften their hearts...... Pray a Paul experience for them unbelievers. Rejoice in your healing and pray for others who have been diagnosed with asthma. In all reality the cause of it is either hereditary, sin ( of parents) or (self )or demotic.... We are to love the sinner but not the sin; go figure that out.. lol

A child of God

I was going to post a comment on this but decided to shorten it just a bit.
I believe in God and prayer and his healing! I pray all the time. Some large prayers. some small. Tonight my prayer is for all of you non believers to become stronger and to believe in our Awesome God!


Why are people posting this kind of stuff

Some people do not believe in god


That's true if y believe on the God(Allah)with the thinking that he is only one and he has no son and he is born by no one that's the true belief.all these diseases created by Allah and he also give medicines to human beings but if we have true faith in the God and pray to him that our Allah can cure our any disease without medicine.and be noted that even your disease is cured by medicine that's the Allah who let the medicine to cure this disease because in this world nothing can happen without the permission of Allah


That's not how it works.


Amen to God we give the glory!

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