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I asked God to heal me and I believed with all my heart that he would. and guess what, he did. have faith in God and confess that you are healed. that's my remedy

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You bloodly idiot


You are absolutely right!! God can do anything. God has healed me in many different ways. Keep believing and hold on to your faith. Trust God with everything and know that he is able.


It was probably science.

-House - Damned If You Do Season 1 Episode 5

'You can have all the faith you want in spirits, and the afterlife, and heaven and hell, but when it comes to this world, don't be an idiot. Cause you can tell me you put your faith in God to put you through the day, but when it comes time to cross the road, I know you look both ways.'

I believe you and respect your faith

Amazing how people put limit on God and mock peoples faith. You do what is in your power to be a responsible human created to his likeness and image. One thing is to trust God another is to test him. Keep praying and keep thanking God because even if it was with medicine God gave someone the gift and talent to make it.


Yerba Buena helps alot.


The only difference between a 'Believer' and 'Non-Believer' is the one who doesn't act like it. We are spiritual being, inhabiting a physical world. We all choose in what and whom to put our faith. I am a 'Believer' who's faith rests in GOD thru Christ... but i have not less Love for the Non-believer. To each his/her own… GOD be the judge. In the meantime, let’s Love in spite of.

San Peter

What a freak you are!
Did you get over-the-counter god, or was it the prescription kind?
While you are it, might as well get some brain. You need it.
You god took care of your asthma, here is a bit of a news for you: YOU NEVER HAD ASTHMA!!!


keep the faith and dont let others tell you any different. God has healed many issues with my family with the power of prayer.


That's awesome praise God.. my husband has it and I will surely prey to God to make him better. Don't worry about what other people say

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