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I have suffered with BV for a year now. On bad days I use boric acid suppositories(boric acid powder in gel capsule) inserted vaginally. I take vitamin c, d, b12, garlic, folic acid & a strong and expensive probiotic daily. The vitamins and supplements usually keep everything pretty well controlled and I've even thought at times I didn't have bv anymore due to not having any symptoms however, my doctor told me I still have it. I recently found out I have endometriosis when I had a laparoscopic surgery done a few weeks ago. I believe that the BV and endometriosis are linked because I started having severe pain from the endometriosis I believe when the BV first started. My doctors are all out of answers and cannot help me anymore so I plan on changing doctors soon. If you are having severe abdominal and pelvic pain along with bv you might have endometriosis. The only way for the doctor to see if you have endometriosis is by preforming a laparoscopy. I am upset I have this disease however, I feel I am getting closer to completely solving this depressing issue.

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U might be onto something I have both these also...


Where did you get the boric acid powder caps?


Natural Progesterone in Vitamin E oil rubbed on my gums (Vitamin Express) cured my endometriosis after suffering for 26 years. It takes about 4 to 6 months, but so worth it. Good luck to you. Changed my life!

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