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I've been fighting ringworm for almost six months in the Florida humidity. I went to the doctor right away and their cream did not resolve the spot. It only spread, down my legs, up my groin and butt crack. Miserable! I took dangerous yeast pills, prednisone, antibiotics, nothing resolved it. I would heal my spots and more would appear like a wildfire. I went home remedy, coconut and tea tree oil. This subsided the spots but they returned after a few weeks of treatment. Finally is have the upper hand: colostrum 2x day on empty stomach, caprylic acid 2x day, vit c 2x a day, no sugar in diet, avoid alcohol and pasta/white flour. I've continued the topical medication(steroid) from the doctor but found the OTC medication without the betamethasone and am weaning myself onto it one spot at a time. They're drying up and haven't spread in three weeks. Even my old spots that I thought were long gone are crusting up and going away! I am elated to find relief in boosting my immune system.

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