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ok listen to me, cause i'm pretty smart when it comes to this! :D

Temporary solutions:
-tanning (doesn't make the bumps any smaller, but they're less noticable; for the skin cancer worried people, go ahead and use a storebought tanner)
-exfoliating then moisturizing with sesame oil
-coffee grounds? yes! but do it the right way!
-those 2 dollar masks that you find in wal-mart or dollar stores
-as for storebought products.. remember: your skin is a live organ! if you couldnt put it in your mouth (dangerous chemicals) you shouldnt put it on your skin! and say no to pills! only consider a cream if you know someone who has experienced evident firming results from it. (ps. the lady behind the cash register.. her testimony doesn't count!)

Long term solutions:
-put your feet up! keeping legs elevated while watching tv, reading, etc.. helps in the long run
get the foods/nutrients that your skin loves!
-honey and lemon (help rid your body of ama and kapha buildup)
-cranberry juice, onions, chlorophyll-rich foods, (highly recommend wheatgrass.. too many benefits to name!) green tea, vitamin A/Protein/amino acids etc etc!
excercise.. cardio, strength training, stretching, (windsor pilates are my favourite!)
lastly-don't stress! your mind does have a powerful effect on your body!

Now just for the record, keep in mind that over 90% of women (all shapes/sizes/ages)have it, and up until the 70's, it was just known as flesh! vogue magazine gave it the name 'cellulite'... it's not even a medical term! its because of all of the fancy lighting and airbrushing used in magazines that women have come to think that their dimples are unsexy.

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Actually, the term cellulite originated in France over 100 years ago...


thank you so much fot the tips. I went for an LPG consultation a while ago, and the lady there just made me feel awful about my cellulite. she kept telling me that I had a serious case and its gonna take atleast a year to get it better.. thing is, with regular walking, jogging, just moving around and giving myself a daily massage, it got better, not a BIG change, but it was fixable .. i will surely try your tips as well :)

Theresa Files

I am 14 and embarassed about my cellulite, none of my friends know about it because I always look like I am Amish...I cover myself up and wear shorts over my bikini when swimming, and I dont go to public pools because of this problem...I also heard of mixing ground up caffinated coffee beans with lotion...has anyone here tried that? Please let me e-mail is e-mail me with more remidies and results please!!! I need to get rid of these embarassing dimples...Im 14 and should be able to wear clothes like the rest of my friends and fell 'sexy' and wanted by the opposite sex...
P.S. e-mail me!


One thing that truly helps:
When in the shower get something rough to make a massage on the affected areas during the shower, I put soap so it can move freely on my skin, also, you need to be constant (it's a pain in the ass, sorry...)when the skin in a bit red then that means your blood flow in the area has increased, then get out of the shower and apply a lotion to moisturize. There are many lotions that also help skin to be firm, anything that contains caffeine or any that says it helps fight cellulite...try making round movements when applying it on the affected areas and be constant... the massage should last at least ten minutes a day... the more, the better. The appearance of your skin will get better. It also helps to be healthy, that means not overweight. also, don't make the massages too hard. Hope this works


First of all cellulite is caused by poor circulation , so if you have to sit at school or work try to get up and walk, let everybody think you have blader problems. Eat everything you can find that is good for circulation , take fish oil, exercise as much as possible firmer your body less noticeable cellulite, massage the area with alcohol. Try yoga and meditation, do everything you can to get that blood runing.


your help for or against cellulite was very helfull and I really did appreaciate your humour !


DO NOT TAN. Not only is it dangerous, it will INCREASE cellulite. Though mine is mostly genetic (every woman in my family has more than someone their size normally does...I'm 5'4' and a size 2-4, so it's not weight related), it increased ten fold when I was tanning...ironically to cover cellulite. I now use a self tanner mist. It may not reduce the appearance as much, but skin cancer, increased cellulite, and wrinkles aren't worth it.


cucumbers also helps eat cellulite also I found a tea called oolong its chinease and it works very good in three days there was a big change but you have to drink it every day and night and if you massage daily it helps too.

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