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We tried all the OTC products on my daughter's hair and only killed about 1/2 of them. The nits were a nightmare to try to remove, her hair went down below her waist, I was at my wits end. I have found the end all be all cure, 'hair straightener'. Used it all over her head, took about 20 minutes. The lice, the babies and the nits all died on contact and even let go and released from her hairs. We ran the comb thru her hair again and nasty critters were all gone. We repeated it the next day and the day after that. By that third day, no lice or nits at all. It's been 3 weeks, no reinfestation, no chemicals, no greasy oily mayonnaise to try to wash out, just clean, dry hair.

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Do I still have to get the nit comb? I've never had them til my grandkids came over! And what about the furniture? Thanks!

Kim Allphin

I have 2 daughters with long hair and my hair is long. I straighten my hair every day. This explains why I haven't gotten the bugs. I wasn't sure if it was the flat iron or me coloring my hair that did it. Thanks for this. I will be now flat ironing my girls hair.


We just did this...just found them. I pulled nits out as I went and even pulled a live lice out that was...'stunned' from the heat. When I combed through they just kept coming. This was soooo much easier than the other treatments. Still going to shampoo and dry and wash all the cloths/toys and such. Never too safe! I will be flat ironing her hair daily for awhile. Thank You Sooo Much.


i have got black hair and want to have them but when i once used the straightener
my hair started becoming brown...


I used a straightner, washed with sunlight dishwasher, rinsed with vinegar and washed and conditioned her hair with normal shampoo and conditioner then blow dried and flat ironed and like a miracle those pests were gone.


I belive it! God is alive. He is amazing!!


It makes sense. My daughter has had her whole 2nd grade class battling this for months. Her teacher has had everyone wear ponytails. I wash her hair everyday. But today she was inspected and there was some?. I know these girls like yo greet with hugs. I washed her hair with coconut oil and lemon juice, and a few drops of tea tree oil. Left it in fir a half hour. Washed and conditioned it. Straightened it and I see NO BUGS..


Thank you!!!! It works and why has no one thought of this before??? It makes sense. I did sanitize sheets, pillow, brushes ect...

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