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I get fever blisers all the time and as everyone knows they are embaresing.. i get them everytime i am super stressed out, well i have tried everything even Abreva and every other over the counter cream, and alcohol, you name it i tried it. well this last time i got one it was the day before the biggest meeting of my career and i freaked out and the only thing i had in the house was my sons maximum strength desitin, so i used alcohol on the blister and on the needle and popped the blister and applied more alcohol then i applied a large amout of the desitin to the sore and covered with gause and tape and went to bed thinking i was going to have to cancel my meeting. when i woke up i took the cover off and used alcohol on the sore very carefully and all that was left was a little scab, no redness, no swelling or anything, so i took a shower and soaked the scab very well and put baby oil on it and carefully took the scab off and all that was left was a little red mark that was easily covered with a little bit of makeup and off i went :-) from now on i will only use butt cream on my face lol who would have thought

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I'd be willing to bet that the bulk of your results came from the alcohol, although the zinc from the cream probably added some benefit. I have never tried butt cream, but I have had impressive healing times with alcohol.


Im going threw it right now and im so desperate that i also have butt cream on my face lol that sound funny .....i would let u know how it comes out tmm morning goodnight n thanks for the idea ....:D

Hopefully It work's

Am actually trying it right now !
I'll let ou know m results tomorrow !
Hopefully it works like it did for you (:

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