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Hi everyone, I have read and tried many remedies for warts on my face, palm, genetal warts etc. I will tell you what worked for me. In MY opinion Apple Cider Vinegar is the BEST medicine for warts. I will tell you how I used it. Out of ALL the things I tried, this is the ONLY thing that worked for me. Now I'm 100% warts free. This is how I used it.

Things you will need: Bragg apple cider vinegar, paper towel, q-tip, plastic wrap or tape(to keep the vinegar from getting on your clothing)

Do this at night before going to sleep. Pour some apple cider vinegar on to a plate. Take a piece of paper towel and soak it in vinegar. Put the paper towel around the effected area and wrap it with the plastic wrap or the tape. This will keep the the vinegar from drying or getting on your bed or sheets. For face, wash the face with vinegar mixed water (1 to 8 vinegar to water ratio) after washing take a q-tip and soak it on the vinegar and dab it on all the warts. Don't use the same q-tip for all the warts. Try to use one per wart. Since you have 2 ends in a q-tip, you can use a q-tip for 2 warts. You can also use a piece of vinegar soaked cotton on face warts and tape it with a plastic tape. You WILL have a little discomfort and burning feeling. If you cannot bare it, remove it and redo the process. Follow this process every night your warts will start to fall off. You might even see new warts coming out. Don't worry about it. Use the same process on the new warts too. If you cannot bare the pain, do it every other day. But, I recommend doing it every night. Good luck to every one.

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