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I am 19 I was Diagnosed 5 years ago. I was raped when I was 14 and have had this ever since. I don't know if I ever get used to out breaks but I do find the bathing in baking sioda helps with the pain and swelling. Just wanted you all to kmow.

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Hi y'all how can I stop this I got it and hate it:-( text me with a name 319-332-8230


Take Lysine. You can buy it at Walmart. I buy 1000mg. I take one everyday. I used used to get outbreaks all the time after sex when I went to the doctor I told her about it and she recommend Lysine. I have had not had an outbreak since I have been taking it. I also have valtrax which I take when I feel that I'll about to have an outbreak come on it usually stops it before it starts

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