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Barb D.

I discovered that putting Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) on my temples & neck following the onset of a migraine GREATLY reduces the pain & impact. Instead of lasting two to three days, they are reduced to one day! Instead of going online or to a health food store, I buy it by the quart at (believe it or not!) 'Animal Feed stores'! Saves a lot of money...

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where can i get dmso


[edit] Safety
MSDS recommends wearing safety glasses because DMSO can cause chronic damage to the eyes.[6] Glove selection is also important when working with DMSO. Thick rubber gloves are recommended. Nitrile gloves, which are very commonly used in chemical laboratories, have been found to dissolve rapidly with exposure to DMSO.[7] Because DMSO easily penetrates the skin, substances dissolved in DMSO may be quickly absorbed. For instance, a solution of sodium cyanide in DMSO can cause cyanide poisoning through skin contact. DMSO by itself has low toxicity.[8] Dimethyl sulfoxide can produce an explosive reaction when exposed to acid chlorides; at a low temperature, this reaction produces the oxidant for Swern oxidation.

Recently, it was found that DMSO waste disposal into sewers can cause environmental odor problems in cities: Waste water bacteria transform DMSO under hypoxic (anoxic) conditions into dimethyl sulfide (DMS) that is slightly toxic and has a strong disagreeable odor, similar to rotten cabbage.[9]


not to be rude or anything, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not follow this remedy. i can a chemist and strongly discourage coming into contact with DMSO. DMSO is absorbed rapidly through the skin and can become lethal if used improperly. AGAIN, DO NOT DO THIS!

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