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A bar of soap at the foot of the bed does work. My acupuncturist, who hadn't heard of this remedy but didn't discount it, said it must be that it changes the ph balance in the body. So what is soap? ALKALINE. That would explain why magnesiu supplements would work, as well as pickle juice (vinegar is alkaline) as well as the cider vinegar combos. The 'Amish' stopslegcramps is indeed helpful as well. And of course exercises stretching the foot and calves before bedtime is a good idea.

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Vinegar is alkaline? Then why does it dissolve calcium and other minerals? Come on, let's think before writing this stuff.


Vinegar is about 4% acetic acid and is acidic, not alkaline.


The reason is that pickle juice works sowell is the sodium content. You look at the ingredients & see approximately 960 mgs. sodium per seving. Look at the jar again after it reads approximately 33 servings. Those jars only contain 12-15 pickles in them. So this means a serving is 1/4 of a pickle or less. The body needs 1/4 of a teaspoon of salt daily. Just think of all the salt in that juice!


Vinegar counteracts too much acidity and will make your system more alkaline if you are acidic. If you are too alkaline it goes the other way. Thats the way it works, one can buy ph strips off the shelf and test their urine to establish which they are.

Old Alaskan Sourdough

Uhh, no, vinegar (and pickle juice) are ACID not alkaline! Natural cider vinegar and pickle juice, however, both contain high levels of electrolytes, the vinegar from yeast protein breakdown byproducts and natural minerals in fruit juice, and the pickle juice from the salt used in pickling and the spontaneous wild fermentation yeast and vegetable tissue breakdown byproducts.

I have found Emergen-C to help, but I suspect the usual cause is that if I am not exercising vigorously during the day I don't drink enough water and I get dehydrated. Having a glass of wine or a beer with an evening meal (which are both good for you in moderation) can also cause mild dehydration.

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