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I'm 67 and I've had jock itch since I was in sports in high school and college. Over the years the periodic itching attacks became almost unbearable. I eventually avoided relationship because it was so embarrassing. Over the years I tried every prescription and over the counter medication out there. I also repeatedly combed the internet for home remedy ideas to try. I have put lotions and such on my crotch that would have been an effective tool in a medieval torture chamber in the hopes that if it hurt me that much surely it was hurting the fungus as well. Hardly anything helped at all an a number of things, like over the counter creams and sprays, seem to make the fungus thrive even more.

I tried diets and detox thinking that maybe a systemic fungal or yeast infection was repopulating the crotch skin anytime I made progress in battling it back. I tried being careful about reinfection from clothing, towels, etc.

Occasionally something would seem to have an improvement, but after a few days the intense itching would return.

Finally though it looks like I have really cured my infection, and without any great expense or pain and without taking months and months. Here is the multipronged approach I have used. By the way I have no financial interest in any of these products.

Daily regimen for infected area:

1. Thoroughly scrub with 'Black Detox Soap' from Keavy's Corner Natural Soaps. Among other things this soap contains silver. Rinse thoroughly.
2. Blow dry with a hair dryer.
3. Thoroughly moisten with Activated Stabilized Oxygen water. I used the extra strength 10% formula from ATG and distributed by All THings Good, LLC. Let absorption occur for 10-15 minutes. I think this is the most important step.
4. Rub in Neosporin+Pain Relief ointment.
5. Alternate Step 4 with: rub in Silver Gel Ultimate Skin & Body Care from ASAP365 (distributed by American Biotech Labs)

Do this for at least a month, but the improvement is almost immediate.

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