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I was making peanut brittle and man o man does it burn when you mistakenly get it on your hand. Ouchie! I immediately grabbed the frozen peas and wrapped it around the index finger tip that was badly burned and blistered. That worked for a little bit then it became excruciating. Luckily I found this website and I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the honey. I put it in a little bowl and let my finger tip swim in it. It relieved the pain for a bit, so I kept adding ingredients, I used black tea leaves left over from my morning tea, a little milk, and then I added chamomile tea. I can happily report that the pain was relieved and I was able to sleep without even noticing this blister on my finger tip. Yay! Home remedies ROCK! I had to leave a comment here to confirm this works!

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The milk, tea, and honey soak was perfect for immediate pain relief. I soaked it for an hour, and even after the milk warmed up, it was still painless. I wrapped my hand up in honey and tea afterwards, and it stung a bit for a while after removing it from the soak, but the pain keeps diminishing. I also took some ibuprofen. Thank you for this awesome remedy! :)

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