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. everyone says salt, or pickles, or pickle juice, or battery acid is the best... and baking soda... BUT when i researched all this... I found the common ingredient/element... it's called ALUM... and not only is it a kind of salt... BUT it's INSIDE of baking soda, and pickle juice. the battery acid is just sulphuric acid, and sulphuric acid is used to make some Acid SALTS... it's all a giant puzzle... But i think I'm finding the right pieces to see the full picture... i went and got some ALUM from grocery store today...It's in my mouth now. My Ulcers are HUGE quarter/half dollar sized ones. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING. they are deep and and have ruined my health for 3 years now. they come every month on my menstral and AND if I am stressed out it just makes MORE comes. I've had about 15 total when this first started. docotors don't know SHIT. DO NOT TRUST THEM. WE KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS THAN THEY DO and the crap they give you MAKES IT WORSE. prednisone doses, lidocaine, mouthwashes, antibiotics, pain pills, mouth creams, orbase, rinses, zinc, stuff for gout, stuff that experimental.. I'd get out my paperwork for yall but I've begun to just throw it all way since it's useless anyways. if i do find any of it it will burn. I am 27 years old and have been going through this for 3 years every since my OBGYN took me Off of a birth control called Sronyx. when i stopped taking it i started getting these MAJOR ULCERS in my mouth and throat and gums and tongue. I've been swishing pickle juice and applying ALUM... I'm being very careful since I know too much ALUM can screw your stomach up... We shall see in the morning if there is any improvement after day one. .I hope so because I it's almost impossible to live like this. I was 100% healthy all my life. I'd get maybe one cankor sore, tiny tiny with my period since i was 12 yrs old (when my menstal started) and it would go away within 2 days of peroxide and salt water rinse. BUT these WERE not my normal 2 day on my period cankor sores at all! Right now I have 4. 1 that's half dollar size on inside of upper lip, one that's quarter size lower left lining of my inner gum on the crease. and one on the right corner of my mouth near the smile crease tip of a screw sized, and one on my upper left gum right above my tooth. DEAR LORD PLEASE LET THIS WORK!!! if it does I will let you all know in the morning! feel free to email me too. I've been documenting this journey for 3 years.. and I hope I found an answer, BECAUSE THE DOCTORS ARE NOT THE ANSWER. and i mean I have 4 specialist and a primary care. NONE of them have even mentioned ANY OF THIS to me.. and i found this shit on Google. I HATE DOCTORS. we're better off on Faith in God and our own research to get us through. I only wish i would have thought to seek others out sooner.... BUT the dumb ass doctors said they'd never heard of this and I was their MYSTERY child. Liars. More like I was guinea pig. but NO MORE. i think this will work :)

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My mother was diagnosed with stomatitis bechets disease. Her sores came in her 20's mouth, throat, vaginal area...any moistured areas. It is rare but something to look into.


A friend of mine told me to drink a little bit of cranberry juice everyday to prevent them, I have always gotten horrible canker sores. When I started drinking cranberry I noticed I wasn't getting them, when I get lax with the juice they come. Try it, something about the cranberry suppressing acid in stomach or something. Anyway it has seemed to help me a lot hope it helps :)


You have yeast. From reading what you have described it is highly likely you have candida throughout your body, and the antibiotics the doctors have given you are just feeding it. If this is still a problem for you, there is lots of online information on candida you can look up to be sure.


I have a 7 year old that has a canker sore about the size of a q-tip head on the inside of her gum line on the bottom between her gum line and cheek. She eats fruit every morning but usually not citrus fruit - although I do know that most fruits have a acid in them. And she does drink a lot if apple juice- obviously I will be staying away from all fruits and fruit juices for the time being - she's never had one before and has always eaten fruit with breakfast! Since she was a baby!! I'm really nervous that there could be an underlying condition - it is only the one and it is her first! She neglected to tell me about for 3 days!!! She said she thought it would just go away - and maybe it would have had I known and stopped feeding her fruit and fruit juice!!! KIDS! Anyway has anyone else ever had a child with one? She is able to rinse and spit and I am going to do the warm salt water and MAYBE try a little peroxide rinse! But unfortunately I don't really think I should stick alum in my little girls mouth , she's too young. But I am going to try an over ripe kiwi which worked wonders for anther person who suffers greatly with cankers!! And to the person who thinks God is imaginary - when you burn in Hell it won't be imaginary!!!


I'm trying to Alum thing for the first time tonight. I have four or five canker sores at the moment, and I used the Alum before I went to lay in bed. Hopefully it'll have done something- anything- to lessen the pain the inflammation.

God isn't real, either. Sorry to burst your bubble.


Blows me away how people don't believe in God. Just crazy. Anyway I have been suffering with canker sores my entire life and they have gotten really bad this past year and I can't figure out why. I've been to my regular dr, dentist, ENT, and obgyn to try to figure it out and it has been the same thing every time, they tell me it's just a virus and give me antiviral pills and magic mouthwash. Nothing works. I have 13 in my mouth and throat right now and haven't been able to eat all week. All I've had are a few bananas and sweet potatoes. I am thinking that it has something to do with my hormones so my obgyn took me off my birth control for 3 months to see if that might help. I am going to look into the alum stuff and see if it helps. Thanks everyone for the tips. I am desperate for some relief. God bless!


I'm 67, started getting canker sores the past yr. Age related?????
I started using a home remedy.

1 teaspoon salt
1 ' baking soda
2 oz hydrogen peroxide

After a week of rinsing 2-3 times a day, completely gone.
The first few days it will sting a little, but give it a week.

Don't even think about trying mouth wash


I too have suffered for years, tried everything. I do think hormones play a role in it. Just don't know how to fix it. But I have had some success with a supplement called Yeast Cleanse by solaray, probably another brand would be fine. I use to get yeast infections when I was perimenaposal and though maybe there is to much yeast in my body. It hasn't made them totally go away but it has cut mine down maybe 75%. Hope this helps. They are not that expensive either


I used Alum on my canker sore under my tongue last night. When I woke up, it feels so much better and now it looks like a scab has formed. Now, what do I do. Should I keep applying the alum or just leave it alone? Any help is greatly appreciated


Dr,prescribed Triamcinolone Acetonide, dental paste works with heal and duration of canker sore! GOOD LUCK!

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