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Here I am up at 3 am awaken from my sleep with a severe tooth pain that has been hurting for days. I have taken 3 over the counter tylenol and also added red cross over the tooth and neither worked. I crushed a tylenol in a teaspoon of vodka and used it as a paste. Ache is gone!!

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OMG thank you for posting this! It worked great!


Thank You so much!The best remedy ever...


Thank you, I nixed the vodka since I have an interview & testing today BUT I took a tylenol and just enough water to melt it and poured it directly on the side/site of my ache and it has subsided greatly!!

unfortunately, I have been up all night and must get up soon and have had no sleep. of course I am sleepy as heck now and I have to get up in less than 2 hrs.

Thank you!

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