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Please try this remedy first before spending (and maybe wasting) time and money on the many many home remedies you will find for BV. I wasted 2-3 weeks trying EVERYTHING else, but only yogurt bacteria helped.. So please try yogurt bacteria and if that doesn't work for you-because we're all different- try other things.

At first I orally took a probiotic with yogurt cultures like lactobacillus, but saw little change. So I decided to try putting yogurt (plain non sweetened) directly onto my labia. That gave relief for about half an hour at a time. Inserting yogurt into my vagina gave approx an hour of relief. What really knocked the infection out though, was inserting a whole capsule of probiotics into my vagina (use the clear gelatin pills with powder inside). This would give me about 4 hours of relief at a time, and after 2-3 weeks of inserting the probiotics the infection cleared up. I should mention that the BV was caused by douching. If you douche, STOP!!! I was ignorant at the time of using it, but have learned about how bad douche is for the female system. I don't know why its still sold at all. Anyway, if you douche and have BV, I can just about guarantee that that's the reason why. Good luck!

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I heard about the yogurt and I will definitely try this too.


i will try your advice about the yogurt .. how long did it take before ot subsided?


Whats the probiotic you used called exactly? Id like to try that the doctors have proved to be useless.


but I've had BV way before I even douche. & sometimes when I douche, the smell dgoes away for three days but they always come back. I've tried a lot of things

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