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I am so thankful that I ran across this website about 2 weeks ago!! I had never heard about using apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a home remedy for genital warts.

It's obvious that many of the comments posted here are SPAM driven by companies trying to sell various products. Do not let their comments distract or deter you from trying apple cider vinegar.

Although using ACV sounded like a crazy idea, I bought some at my local grocery store for less than $2.00.

As suggested on this website, I applied the ACV daily with cotton balls and tape. After 4 or 5 days, the warts had totally disappeared!!


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Okay . So what's the best way to apply ACV???


hey I was reading your post. What I was wondering is that you tape cotton balls? for how long? etc etc just trying to figure out your process. thanks just want to get rid of these fuckers


How long did you leave te cotton balls on their for daily


If ACV doesn't work for you then you do not have genital warts. My guess is that the spammers from skinhale did that post. Yes, ACV is NOT fun.. my first 2 days were pretty uncomfortable until I switched to tea tree oil. Just stick it out and you'll be SO glad you did!

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