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I have struggled with bv off for over ten years now. I constantly had been going to the Dr to be prescribed antibiotics that only worked for a little while. For the past two years I finally started to notice what causes it which for me was : sex,tampons, my cycle, birth control pills, and sometimes pool water.After my last reoccurring bv episode I told myself I have to do this on my own the Drs are not helping but anyways this is what I did. I started taking The Ultimate Flora probiotic for vaginal health it day take once a day but initially I was taking three a day in morning noon and night. I now just take it twice a day morning and night. I also started a multi vitamin for women called One a day I take this twice a day. I also recently got off the pill I think the hormones also caused problems in my body. I also don't use soap to clean inside my vagina just water I only use soap for the outside only. I hope this helps someone with this awful infection.

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Hi Kay, I'm going to try this cuz BV is so annoying and embarrassing. I've tried the antibiotics and it doesn't work, so hopefully ur remedy will work for me. How long after did u see results?

Thank u


I would say about a week or two I started to notice a difference.

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