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Sounds weird...but...if you put vagisil (women's yeast infection)cream on your atheletes will sooth the pain.. and within a few days...its gone

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That would work because there is a fungicide in Vagisil and athlete's foot is caused by a fungus. It's the same ingredient that's in athlete's foot medicines.


That makes perfect sense because athlete's foot is a yeast infection.


I'm not sure why you wouldn't just buy a topical cream specifically for athletes foot if you were going to go this route. I guess if you have this lying around the house, and not foot cream, it's more convenient...but it's not any more natural than a foot cream.


I cant believe someone would actually put this on but i tried it and it made the case 10 worse and it actually opened up my skin to where it would bleed, it also made the itching and burning unbearable... i highly reccoment NOT! doing this unless you actually WANT athlete's foot!


yeast infction medicin works just fine on athletes foot. active ingredient is full OTC strength miconazole Nitrate Cream. It's almost always cheaper then your typical jungle rot medicine.

And NO it will not make your toes bleed for 5 days. I promise


I'm currently using Canesten anti-fungal cream (similar to Vagisil in US & Canada) for treatment of athletes foot during pregnancy as this is the only type of treatment that my doctor will prescribe as safe. I have been using it for about 12 weeks now with little result other than keeping the infection 'managable' until I can treat it properly. I definitely would not recommend it as a first course of action although if you have nothing else to hand it will help to ease the situation until you can access a proper treatment.


i used it when i was married and it worked better than any over the counter medicine. Only problem i cant get the nerve to buy it for myself.

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Why the hell can't you get the nerve to buy it? that's absurd. Are you a grown up or a little boy? Nobody looks at what other people buy anyway.


it works, it was all i had in the house until the next time i went to the store but only if your problem is not to bad,i can go two weeks before it all starts again.


I've been trying for a month to get rid of Athlete's foot. Soaking in ACV helped, but it came right back. Epsom salt did not help. I also tried every type of OTC medications with no results. My feet were red sore with blisters, and hurt so bad I could not wear shoes. I applied Miconazole cream and had instant relief. 24 hrs. later the red sores are almost gone and my feet are looking normal and feel great!!!!! After researching I found there is more than one type of Athlete's foot. My problem was caused by yeast infection.

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