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AAAHHH!!! Sorry but that is how I felt about an hour ago til I stumbled upon this site. I tried a few things like mixing oil, salt, and pepper no luck! Then toothpaste and crushed up Motrin in, well again just a drooling idiot over the sink! Then FINIALLY put a Ricola Honey and Herb cough drop in between my tooth and gum and 2 minutes later no pain or throbbing! Whoever posted it KUDOS to them I will actually get some sleep after all!

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Tried Halls cough drop omg what an amazing feeling! It's almost gone. I think it's the freezing aspect, what ever it is IT worked! Thank you!


Tried halls triple action with honey-lemon also with dissolving and genric asprin from family dollars it works and provided relief thank god! :)


That is the ticket!!!!!!Riiiiiiiicola...Thank you a million times over. That cough drop trick kept the pain at bay until i got into the dentist!!!


I tried Ricola yesterday before reading here and was amazed at the relief. I tried it because it works when my throat hurts. I'm also trying garlic because like many, I can't afford a dentist but will probably have to go to one anyway.

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