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AAAHHH!!! Sorry but that is how I felt about an hour ago til I stumbled upon this site. I tried a few things like mixing oil, salt, and pepper no luck! Then toothpaste and crushed up Motrin in, well again just a drooling idiot over the sink! Then FINIALLY put a Ricola Honey and Herb cough drop in between my tooth and gum and 2 minutes later no pain or throbbing! Whoever posted it KUDOS to them I will actually get some sleep after all!

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i just happen to have the ricilo cough drop trying it right now


I just tried it as well, and It worked! Thanks for the recommendation.


thought it did not completely take away the pain it did give huge relief. no more throbbing face. it's working so for. I wonder how long it will last.


My grandson wS having bad toothache I gave him a cough drop honey n he said it works gotta make sure I get clove oil for times like this but thankful for cough drop


Trying it as we speak


It has really eased they throbbing. How does it do that???? About 75% - 80% improved. Amazing.


I just tried...put drop's been about 5 mins now, and pain is significantly gone...I was in tears a few mins ago at my mothers she was going up street to get me some Oil of Cloves, when I saw this, and I called her...long story Works!!!


OMG after gargling salt/warm water hydro peroxide brushing my teeth 10 times flossing 20 times and still throbbing until i read this and remembered my Ricola drops thaaaaank u the throbbing has been cutt 85% u r a life aaver thank u!!!


Wow!!! I just tried this remedy because I had a massive toothache. While it didn't completely get rid of the pain, it did help lower it considerably. I don't have dental insurance nor can I afford to go to a dentist, so I am really greatful for this remedy.


My son has a toothache and we used a halls triple soothing action and that worked also!!!! thank you so much!!!

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