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I'm 19 & I have been having bv for about 6 months. Recently it has been coming before my periods every month for the past 4 months! My doc always prescribed me metronidazole pills! I hated the side affects and it always brong bv back! So of course I googled and tried probiotics (maximum strength cvs brand) I had bv before my period started so one day before it started I bought plain white chobani Greek yogurt bc it contains the good bacteria. So I soaked a tampon left it in for 3 hrs. I started my period the next morning so I couldn't put more yogurt.. Then I bought probiotics and started taking them for 4 days .(1 a day )while I was on my period , after I got off I put more yogurt just inside not with a tampon and left it for an hour. And now I'm bv free! :) probiotics work!

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How were you able to put the yogurt in without a tampon?


I used the plastic piece of the tampon to push the yogurt in.


When you left the yogurt in for an hr, how did you get it out?


Rinse it out while showering or use disposable douche, you can also open up a probiotic capsule and empty it in the yogurt and insert it that way


Porbiotics? Wher & how do u get it?




How can you rinse the yogurt out in the shower? Just with water?

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