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steve rev

wow the chewing the fresh arlic really works, only now the pain seems to have moved into the whole right-hand side of my head!
....FRESH GARLIC - crunch it up and apply to affected areas with tongue
and rinse it all after you have swallowed most of a whole clove (small, from the middle of the bulb) with warm SALT WATER

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Clove oil also works magically for teeth pain. Just apply some clove oil on the affected part. It will automatically absorb all the pain.


OMG! I have had a really bad tooth ache and just got on this site to see what to use. I have taken Advil and it ain't killed the pain so much. But, seen to try garlic and I did chew a clove of it and the pain in now gone. Thank you God....cause I had no clue what I was gonna do about going to the store, it being Christmas Eve night.


I tried the garlic, just before using the hammer.... amazing. I had been taking painkillers on the 4th hr but they have now stopped working.I am amazed as to the workings of the garlic. It worked straight away for me, but I might have to see to the tongue and stomach burn from the garlic hehehehhe! I can laugh now...
Thank you Thank you


I just uses garlic on my tooth pain and it is working yea!!!!!!


Magical remedy! Seriously, the pain was killing me and this one worked almost instantly! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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