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tiny sand paper, Q-tip with PAINT THINNER, then cover with vaseline and powder. GONE in 2-3 hours.

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Bondo works way better than vaseline ....Trying to fix my toe haha


Paint thinner isn't gonna kill you guys cmon think about it. People who work in body shops or even anyone who has done a bit of painting around the house has got this on their hands/body and lived to tell the story lol. If it's potent enough to aggressively destroy the fungus why not use it sparingly. The tea tree oil worked good for me but I would have given this a try cause it probably works faster.


You know, I bet this does work, but it is so unorthodox I would never have thought of it. Coat your affected toenail with paint thinner on a q-tip applicator, then cover with Vaseline to seal it on. And coat with baby powder to set the Vaseline so it doesn't make a mess! I'm going to try it, and if it doesn't work, it's not going to kill me.


Janice Logan from Lethbridge, Alberta is a stinking, ugly cunt.


It is funny and I was laughing out loud

but nail polish remover is acetone, a paint thinner, and I bet it works.

Still, I think I'll try acv first.

Thanks for the laughs and the helpful knowledge.

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