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I am currently experiencing my first outbreak of GH. It came as a huge shock. I saw my gyno today and she confirmed diagnosis. She took swabs and sent me for blood work to confirm if HSV 1 or 2. I am completely distraught as I am sure anyone would be once they receive this news. My gyno said she is most certain it was given to me by my new partner that I have been with for about 1 month. I was wondering if anyone here has experience that they have had this in their system for some time and never knew about it? I have had blood work done for this before and it came back clear, probably within the last 3 years. My doc said based on presentation, pain, and amount of sores that this is a new infection, just recently contracted. I have not told my partner all the details yet but he plans on getting tested as soon as he can.

I have read many of these remedies and tried tea tree oil with no success. I also tried the salt bath which seemed to resolve symptoms until I went in the shower. I bought some Lysine today and took 2000mg, and will continue to do that. I also got Vitamin C and Zinc. My doc prescribed Valtrex and lidocaine gel. I hope that the Valtrex kicks in soon and starts to clear this up.

If anyone has any resources or advice on maintaining a healthy sexual relationship with someone after this I would greatly appreciate the advice.

Also my doctor said I could get up to an additional 4 outbreaks in the next year. Has this happened to many of you? What are some of the best methods to stay outbreak free?

Thank you, and thank you for this website.

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You can cure any disease with fasting and fruit diet. Read Arnold Ehret's books, watch videos by Robert Morse on youtube. Don't worry you can get down to the critters hiding in your nervous system using longer fasts and fruit cleansing. Faith, discipline, opening.


Is any women willing to be open an give me some pointers with disease over the phone. I really someone to talk to.


I got this from my partner of 10 yrs who decided to have a one night stand! How let down and embarassed did I feel! Iv had about 5 out breaks and contracted it about a yr ago. I have been doing alot of research and will def be trying out some of these remedies u ladies have been usung! Im concernd my partner just keeps passing it back to me. He has occasional treatment but this doesnt seem to prevent it from returning and his symptons aint nothing compared to mine! I can hardly walk, had flu like symptons to for 3 days.....hoping to see a doc today to embarass myself again because of my bf stupid decision. Warning u young girls ALWAYS use protection!
Im willing to talk to any one who just wants to talk to some one in the same boat :(


Witchazel soothes soreness and itching nyal cold sore cream camphor/menthol soothes and heals and an aclovir cream to minimise duration of the attacks i have had gh for 40 years and this is all i use this method is cheap soothing effective no excruciation and you can live with this condition quite comfotably


Hi Vanessa,
I am sorry to that you have to deal with this. I have been where you are. I was 20 when diagnosed and I was very shocked, confused and depressed. 5 years later I am happy to say that I am in a loving and positive relationship with someone who loves me for who I am - despite having GH. We have a normal, sexual relationship. We are very careful and use protection always. He knows the risks and has spoken to his doctor about it. We have been sexually active for 3 years and as far as we know now he has not contracted GH. If he has, he has never had an outbreak.

As far as things go for you right now, know that you're never going to have an outbreak as bad as your first one, so this is the worst of it. Managing and diminishing future outbreaks is all about knowing your body and keeping as healthy a possible. This means eating well, getting lots of rest and staying physically active. In 5 years I have had 3 outbreaks, all of which were less severe than the last. I take L-Lysine tablets at the first sign of an OB and if one does occur - usually when I am sick or run down, I get to my doctor as soon as possible for anti-virals, to nip it in the bus before it gets worse. I couple that with Epsom salt baths, rest, lots of water, and cool tea bag compresses. Usually it clears up within a week and it's behind me.

Take this diagnosis as a chance to be proactive about your health. It may not seem like it now but this will make you a stronger person. Good luck!


Symptoms usually occur 2 to 3 days after contraction. More than likely you did receive this and your new partner. just because you have tested before does not mean anything most likely guys who haven't do not have the symptoms. My fiancé had a cold sore three years before we met he did not think anything of it and neither did I. Of course from him doing oral on me is how I got it. I went to the doctor and she told I had HSV 1. I have got it tested before and all my tests showed up negative.

Vanessa I understand what you are going through. I have contracted this from my fiancé he did not know he carried the virus. I was just like you I was sad emotional disgusted disappointed all the above. But eventually I learned to deal with it. I take Lysine 1000mg everyday. This usually help with the frequency of outbreak. I also take Valtrex when I feel like an outbreak is about to come on. If you need to talk feel free to email me at that's my email


There is really no reason not to continue to have normal sexual relationships, either with your current partner or new ones. I was diagnosed 7 years ago and made the decision to always be up front. I found that as long as I am open and honest about, not a single partner has run the other way.

You just need to find out how to control the symptoms and what works for you. I usually go with apple cider vinegar because it's cheap and effective. I have no issue putting it right on open sores, yes it burns, but it works to both heal and remove the itching. I use several times a day, more than I just three to four times. I absolutely recommend this approach. Since I started with the apple cider vinegar I get less outbreaks, less severe, and in less places. It's my belief that the vinegar actually lowers the virus count and stops it from mulltiplying.

Everything really will be ok!

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