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CRUSHED GARLIC!!! Hands down. Just did it and I want to shout. Thank God. I have a wisdom tooth this dumb dentist dried drilled a whole in all the way to my nerve and cracked the tooth. Then put a filling it which fell out. Since i have been suffering. I went to a dentist to have it pulled but he said it wasnt safe because the root was broken in pieces. Now its loose and painful...omg. I put some crushed garlic in it and boom... no pain instantly.

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This made the pain instantly worse.


Thanks u for ur tag I was very helpful for me.........

steve rev

yes chewing fresh garlic using the painy teeth and rubbing the crushed up garlic around the area was great for the pain


Great advice, I was in soooo much pain and then I tried chewing garlic. Instant relief! Thanks!


it really is working... thanks for d post....


pain started about an hour and a half a go took some cocodamol and ibruprufen to no avail. Then I tried adding some sensitive toothpaste to the area without much difference. I was able to find some orajel which I added to the tooth and to the gum area. It did numb it but it only eased the pain a little. I then went to get the garlic as advised (by this time I am pretty desperate and it's New year's eve!) Bam! gone! when you bite on the garlic you do get a kind of pain relating to biting on a chilli but in less than a minute all pain has gone.
Thanks so much. I will be seeing the dentist next week as they are closed for the festive period but in the meantime I will be using this remedy alongside paracetamol if and when necessary.

So grateful!!


Tried the crushed garlic starting helping within minutes!! At first it burned really bad and then the relief came, thank you soooo much for the advice!


Yes!! I melted a bit if coconut oil, put dried cloves & crushed garlic in, then soaked it up with a cotton ball. Left in my mouth for about 3 minutes. Obviously didn't taste good & did burn slightly for a bit, but it worked :)


God bless you it worked


This really works. Thank you

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