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Why Oh why does toothache come on in the early hours of a Sunday morning .?.! Here i am and I've been here before... In absolute agony ! But it may help some to know..general pain killers do nothing.. Wont touch it..not for me anyway. So.. Clove Oil.. Q tip.. In the hole... That works ! Thankfully i have some in. Big tip... Get some Q TIPS AND A BOTTLE OF CLOVE OIL IN FOR STOCK... you WILL be glad you day :)
just Cant wait for the dentist to open on Monday now. Where i am , colwyn bay , you have NO CHANCE of getting treatment unless you say for it... So There's another registered with a advance !

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Good point! I called the emergency dentist, open 7 days a week etc, but the recording said only established patients will get a call etc after 7pm... some 'ER' that is lol
I had clove oil on hand,so glad I did not sell it with many other things I've sold lately, paying off a huge dental debt! So, no root canal ever again -
I must be off now, time to brush my teeth real well. After I drink some Chamomile tea.

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