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Make garlic oil: chop 1-2 bulbs of fresh garlic. Place the garlic in a double boiler,or regular pan if you dont have one and cover with an inch of olive oil. Cover the pot, and warm the oil gently over low heat for one hour.

Strain the oil through a piece of cheesecloth, and store it in a covered glass jar in the refrigerator. To use the garlic oil, place a small amount in a metal spoon and heat it gently over a flame until warm.
Place a couple of drops into each ear canal, and plug the canal with a soft cotton ball. Repeat this every hour or as needed. Do not use garlic oil to treat an external ear infection or if you suspect a punctured eardrum

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What if you suspect of a tear on your eardrum(suspect only) Can you still
use the garlic oil drops? if not
why not?


Good, really worked for me. Pain reduced quickly and when I awoke the pain was gone. Just a little blockage and swelling left. I didn't bother with the cheesecloth though just chopped the garlic into big chunks and removed them. Thanks!

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