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Thank you for all your posts, I am now going to buy some gauze and treat my socket to clove oil. I had a tooth taken out a week ago, the pain did not lessen and I have been in agony since, dentist confirmed dry socket, never heard of it! I have been popping pills like they are going out of fashion and I do not feel myself, so sick of pills day and night! They are ruling my life. Yes I am a smoker and I have been told do not smoke, but the pain is driving to distraction And I just want to cry, so I smoke! Thank you all for your remedies, I hope they work for me I just want a pain free Christmas! Thank you again and merry Christmas

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Awesome submission, I am in the sam3e boat, a smoker as well..worst pain in my life..and no pain pills , dentist will NOT issue any to anyone should be a crime..TY for sharing your experience.


Yes, I thank you too, Rachelle! My problem is, U don't have the option of buying clove oil, at the moment, am stuck at home with only cloves: not clove OIL... Has anyone ever tried just putting cloves in water? And...for Gods sake, how did your dry socket ever end up healing?!!! This dry socket is actually making me smoke MORE!!!

Judi Q

i too am a smoker w/ dry socket. I have not smoked for four days and it is feeling better


I smoke, But I have always done everything the dentist says. No smoking 3 days, if I absolutely had to I made sure to double and wet gauze and placing over the hole, this was a new Dr. , no straws, nothing hard to eat tooth was pulled Monday the 4th, no pain at all until Thursday late night, couldn't get them Friday, tried all day today, Monday week. Finally a machine ccame on saying call after 3 p.m Tuesday or Wednesday. If I thought that the ER, could help I'd go, 5 motrin and I Tylenol plus the pain medication and still NO RELIEF,

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