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Put salt,hot water,and salt on a q-tip and leave it there for 1 min. Then put any toothpaste on tooth,crack,hole,and gums.Leave moth close for 5 min.

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Ajad yadav

thank you


IT WORKS! My husband was in so much pain so I decided to find some home remedies for him. I came across this one and all I can say is IT WORKS! He felt relief within minutes. Thanks for sharing! :-)

Ms. B

My husband has been suffering with a toothache for a couple of days. He's been using BC Powder Pain Relief and it's been working, except tonight. He took the BC and it didn't work. He tossed and turned, could not go to sleep. I logged on to the internet and found this site. We followed the directions and his tooth is feeling so much better, he is now sleeping. Thank you!

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