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Hello, I'm 24 years old and I was diognosed with Herpes simplex 1&2 in Feburary of this year. I always had a worried feeling that I had something. Though, I had never had an OB before. When I found out as all of you were I was devestated! There was no way I could bring mysel to tell anyone and was all alone in my battle. Until I started googling the virus. When I came cross the medicine Valtrex I knew I had seen it before.... And I had... In my mothers medicine cabinet. So of course I battled with the thought of her passing it to me during birth. I wanted to blame someone, anyone, how could this happen to me? Why did it have to be a permanent STD.
I decided I needed to confront my mother... She admitted to having it way before she ever gave birth to me. Still uncertain wether it was transfer from her or from having unprotected sex.
Anyways it was about 4 months ago 6 months after being diagnosed that I met a guy. I tried my hardest not to get attached to him because I knew he wouldn't approved of my condition, to be honest I wouldn't have either before I found out. So one night I got drunk and poured my heart out. Turns out he didn't care, he wanted me and accepted all of me, good or bad. We are together and practice safe sex to this day! He and my mother and the only two people that know.

I had never had a breakout before so I guess in my mind I still thought maybe just maybe I don't have it. Maybe the tests were wrong! Maybe my sample was mixed up! Something anything but the truth.... The truth being that I am positive for both and I'm experiencing my first break out vaginaly.... It's the most horrific feeling in the world to sit in a room full of people while you try to smile and you are in so much pain and you just wanna scratch your vagina off...
Now my problem is I work off shore... So I am away from home & doctors for 8 months a year. I go to work for 28 days and then I'm home 14. The problem is I'm going through my first OB and it's my first week of work.. I have 3 weeks left and no way of going to the doctor for a prescription. Not to mention my job causes my to have to wear pants 12 hours a day and a lot of moving around and hard work. A LOT OF IRRITATION GOING ON DOWN THERE! I'm driving myself insane trying not to freak out when I have a sudden urge to scratch it or a burning pain.
I need help people, serious help. I can't go three more weeks like this... Seriously, I'll jump ship. Hey! There is an idea! Maybe the saltwater will help!! :-/

I kinda made my own little mix of things. I used my at home remedy for acne... Dries it out, cools it down, and it doesn't itch! (That's the 12 hours I'm not sweating my lady parts off!)

coffee grounds
Organic all natural honey
Ground oatmeal
Organic apple cider vinegar
Baking soda

I know it sounds crazy but trust me.
Just make a paste and then put it on your goodies and if you're having an ache breakout out slab some of it on there too!

Let me know if this helps!
Also a little word of advice to people who think no one will accept you now. Don't think that. You'll know if someone cares enough to accept you, in any condition!

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Ok, here we go, hopefully I can suggest something to help you and EVERYONE else out there that's battling this horrible virus! I have been fighting simplex 1 for many years and my face and lip are now scarred up because of it! After this last outbreak, which was the worst one yet due to tons of stress, I was desperate for relief of these huge nasty blisters that took over one half of my face! They were so bad that I wouldn't leave my bedroom until they started to heal, which gave me lots of time to read up on possible solutions and learn as much as possible about simplex 1 and 2, so here is what I've learned thus far...

I bought a solution of essential oils that are premade by 'Bartlowe's' and it's called 'anti-viral elixir'. This will treat BOTH simplex 1 AND 2! Simplex 1 lays around the jaw area, about one inch out on the face from the middle of the ear at the jawbone, and simplex 2 lays at the very bottom of the spine. Both of these will lay dormant until the immune system becomes weakened, whether it's from health problems, flu, Illness, stress, etc. and once they've had the 'ok' that the immune system is tired, they jump right out there to wreak havoc on the body no matter if it's simplex 1 or 2. It then becomes active and kicks in making you and me both downright miserable! When using the Bartlowe's elixir for simplex 1, you put it on twice per day on and around the blisters plus the area where it lays dormant until it heals. For simplex 2, this goes on in the area at the very bottom of the spine, I believe twice per day also. The website and reviews states this will cut the healing time way down, plus the outbreaks will be fewer in between, and some will actually stop having the breakouts all together! I did try this last night but because the essential oils that are in this elixir are VERY potent and I'm currently using anti-aging serums, it felt like my face was on fire where the sores are more opened than closed, therefore I had to wash it off immediately! I do NOT recommend using it with anti aging ingredients or mixing it with anything else whatsoever! I didn't explain everything in detail because you really should check this out for yourself on their website and read everything, plus you can email them with any questions that you may have. The website is called BARTLOESHERBALELIXIR.COM, 'Bartloes herbal elixir dot com'. Please leave feedback for others if you try it and hopefully we'll all start to see success stories instead of the pain and fear that we mostly read about from each of us! I'm not affiliated with them in any way, I'm just looking for answers, better health and to stop these outbreaks all together, just like each and every one on this site! I also do not guarantee that you will be cured or if it will even help you personally, but I wanted to at least share with y'all what I've ran across and read, so may we all have the luck that the reviewers had! If you happen to see anything regarding this product that states caution, harm, etc., please feel free to share it with the rest of us so that we can be informed about that as well!

Happy New Year everyone! May we all be blessed with good health, happiness and safety in this New Year, 2014!

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