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I discovered I had hsv-2 almost 6 months ago, I had frequent outbreaks, one every 1-3 weeks. They would last about 5 days, from the first sore appearing to disappearing.
When I had frequent outbreaks, I found applying tea tree oil, via a cotton pad, onto the sores was a great relief & quickened the healing process! I also had salt baths, I would do both of these 3 times a day, staying clean & dry as well.
Due to my frequent outbreaks I have been put on suppressive treatment, aciclovir 400mg which I take twice a day. I have been on this for almost 12 weeks, and not had an outbreak in 11 weeks!! I still occasionally apply tea tree oil, but I have also found something else, oregano oil! I mix 1 tablespoon of base oil (almond base oil) with 5 drops of oregano and rub it into the bottom of my back right down to the top of my bum. I take L-Lysine, zinc & vitamin D supplements, and since doing this, touch wood, I have been outbreak free.
I have tried bee propalis before, as some people suggest, but this just made things worse for me. Everyone's different.
Sorry it's such a long one, but I hope it helps someone! We can all get through this together!

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1) Do you still take acyclovir?
2) What are the dosages of Vitamin D, Lysine and Zinc?


Hi I was diagnosed 6mths ago & have had a really hard time ... The last outbreak was ongoing for nearly a mth so had to bite the bullet & go on anti virals. I am trying to build my immune system & am taking Astra 8, lysine in powder form & zinc among other herbs... how many times a day do you rub the oregano oil mix on your lower back ? And do you only do this when you have an outbreak or is it an ongoing treatment ?
Thanks M :)

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