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A week or so ago I was taking a shower and bathed my lady parts per usual when I discovered a fairly raised up bump. I was diagnosed with genital herpes and the HPV virus after I lost my virginity to a guy that I continued to be intimate with. That was 7 years ago and it was a devastating situation but luckily I've been dorment and haven't had many outbreaks over the years at all. So needless to say when I discovered that wart I got really upset and scared. I found this website and read over people's experiences for hours on how they got rid of theirs. Well I did the Apple Cider Vinegar soaks in a cotton ball I left down there for 3 2 hour interval sessions. The first night before I went to bed I took a look to see if there was progress...what I saw was crazy. Not only had it turned black but the vinegar drew out what looked to be a small cluster of more warts. They were black too. The 2nd day I tried to put a cotton ball soaked in APV back on the area but it burned soo bad I left it alone. Later that night I soaked in a really warm bath that was filled with 2 cups APV, splash of tea tree oil and some Epsom salt for about 15 minutes. The 3-4 days I left it completely alone because I made an appointment with my GYNO and didn't want it to be raw and irritated in case he wanted to get rid of them. To my astonishment I saw him day before yesterday and told him what happened and what I'd done...he then handed me a hand mirror to show me there was nothing there and that I didn't have genital warts! He did a culture scrape of the area that it was in to have it tested but was adimant he saw no sign of warts! He got onto me for treating it myself but otherwise the visit went soo much better than I expected. I do still believe it was genital warts and I will find out what the results of the culture was but let me tell you...everyone posting their positive results of using ACV is telling the truth! So thankful for this website! Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences!

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Then you obviously don't know what you're doing because it DOES work.


I just tried acv first time last night and today 1 wart was almost completely gone to the point I could barely see it another was completely black like when they get frozen off and the last one was smaller and half black. In my opinion acv does work just be careful b/c it does burn. But for me I'll take that chance. It's a cheap remedy and for those with this virus you have nothing to lose by trying.

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