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My wisdom teeth have been growing in for about a month now, the pain at first was okay and didn't phase me as much as i thought it would. Then 2 days ago my bottom wisdom tooth on my right side all of a sudden started hurting super badly. I begged my fiancees mom to run to the store and grab me some orajel which of course for me only lasts about 5 minutes or less. well she did that. I called to make an emergency appointment to get both wisdom teeth on my right side pulled but i couldn't because of the times they gave me. So what i have been doing is taking 3 500mg of extra strength Tylenol, using my orajel to numb the pain until it kicks in. I have also tried the salt water thing it works actually for me but one thing that i did find that works a lot is mixing hot water and hydrogen peroxide in a cup and swishing that around in your mouth. 5 minutes after i did that it stopped the throbbing. Good luck everyone I'm going in Friday morning to get them cut out!

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Don't use Orajel. I had one pulled a few months back and tbe dentist said it only burns your gums and makes it hurt worse. I am having a problem with my left wisdom tooth now but I have found that sore throat spray works. Just be sure not to swallow it.


Also never use hydrogen peroxide for teeth, even though it says on the bottle it may be used as a mouth wash if diluted. Most dentist will argue that it eats enamel away and if you have any cavities already it will end up just making them even worse. I actually had a toothache for a while that I tried to treat with hydrogen peroxide for 3 days, and the dentist said it ended up doing so much damage in the 3 days that I went from needing a root canal to an extraction.

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