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If you even think about looking at my V-JJ, I will get a Y.I or BV! I tried this (reluctantly, but I did) Get a douche, rinse out the bs flower water.
Fill 1/2 peroxide 1/2 distilled water(look in the grocery store where the bottled water is)
douched with that.
If itching is bad on the outside, wet a cottonball with peroxide and swab it where it itches.
Do this daily.
If it REALLY REALLY bad & this doesnt help....
Take fresh garlic, pull a piece off. Pull the skin off and prick holes in it or score it with a knife point. Open a piece of gauze and make a little makeshift tampon with the garlic inside. put it in your V JJ, and go to bed, wake up and shower. 2 nights will cure that for sure!
Hopefully you dont have a vamp for a SO

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I have reoccuring vaginal yeast infection, I was skeptical at first about putting garlic cloves in my vagina, but it worked out perfect for me it didn't even burn, from now on this is my go to remedy for yeast infection. Thank you very much.

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