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Put Boric Acid bought from any store in a non gelatin capsule then insert it one fingers length into the vagina at night before you sleep. Do this until the yeast infection disappears. It has never taken me more than two nights, and I get horrible yeast infections. Works like a charm, and you can do it when pregnant.

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I have tried it all and found that Boric Acid is the BEST. You can purchase boric acid at a pharmacy. Fill two gelatin capsules with boric acid - put 2 in at night and then 2 in the morning - repeat for 2 days. skip one day and then repeat the 2 am and 2 pm one more day. This kills the spores that open.


I use boric acid and it works better than over the counter medicine.


AMEN ladies! The 'acid' part sounds harsh but oh the relief without the mess of the creams or if you have a reaction to Diflucan.


where do you get the capsules?


Boric Acid is toxic and dangerous. Try something safer next time. It is not safe for pregnant women so please don't recommend it.


Boric acid is only toxic if you eat it or use large amounts. However if you accidentally swipe up the capsule with your other meds and swallow it, you won't die. I called poison control to ask, when I did that! Turns out you would have to ingest something like a cup of the stuff to kill you, though as with all things, the lethal dose for children is much less so keep it out of their grasp. Anyway get a bag of size '0' gelcaps from your local health food store, and a bottle of boric acid powder from your pharmacy. Total outlay perhaps $10. Fill the capsules with the powder. Insert one deep into the vagina once or twice daily as needed. It will make you very 'juicy' and the discharge is whitish from the white powder so you may want to wear pantiliners. I have chronic yeast infection problems so I've been using a capsule almost daily for a couple of years now. This was suggested to me by my old G.P., wish he had suggested it sooner before the many hundreds of $$ over the years in office visits and OTC and prescription meds that only worked temporarily.


It's ok for most women but an extreme no no for pregnant women.


where do you get the geletian capsules?


Boric Acid wokrs great but I ended up having horrible liver pains of some sort while takingit. I think it is due to it's toxicity. As sson as I stopped the pains went away. Do not use when pregnant.


Boric acid under what name, every time i go to the pharmacy it only sells roach killer.

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