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I had the worst toothache in my life. I had chipped a tooth and the nerve was exposed. It was throbbing pain and everything. I tried a bunch of remedies on here, and nothing seemed to work. I went to wal mart and bought sensodyne toothpaste and that helped a little bit. I also bought dentek, which is a filling repair kit. I put that on top of the nerve to cover it, and it was instant relief. I could hardly eat, I couldn't get any sleep. It helped so much! Highly suggest it!

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This product the repair kit is awesome, was in pain for 2 days until I came on here to find a solution cos I tried everything. As soon as I applied it into the filling, pain went away instantly. Such a relief, thanks. And thanks to dentek repair kit.


I'm in pain now, where did u get that dentek?


I tried the denture repair and it worked. I also applied clove oil to area and took my pain away. So thankful.


Tried the Dentek and it worked on my nerve pain. Went from an 8 to a 1 for pain almost instantly. Great advice.

candice henderson

i love the denteck i dnt have insurance so i cnt get to a dentist but i can use the denteck and it takes the pain away so happy i found it

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