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Desiccated liver tablets.

I had 3 large plantars on my feet for over 10 years. Luckily they were never painful and never made it difficult to walk...however they were the reason I would never remove my socks around people.

Over the years I tried little things such as freezing them. 2 years ago I got serious about removing them. I went to a podiatrist for the first time. When he saw my plantars he was a little in shock at the size of them, as they weren't mosaic, just individual warts.

He told me he had great success with laser removal, and so he asked permission to photograph my feet for podiatry conventions (sort of embarrassing to be honest). I went and had both feet treated by laser. I wouldn't say it was painful; but the gaping holes left on both feet were ridiculous.

A few months later my left foot was completely clear of its plantar; however my right foot actually got far worse without my notice for several months. Not only did the warts return; but where the two warts had been there was one large mosaic that had merged the two areas into one. This was extremely discouraging for me. I returned to the podiatrist and he was in shock as he said he had done several hundred laser treatments and had never heard of the warts returning to the spot that had been lasered. Go figure.

So he put my right foot under the laser again to no avail. I ended up looking all over the internet for anything that would work. I tried freezing, acid, duct tape, banana peels, even removing the flesh myself. Literally nothing had any noticeable effect on the resilient warts.

However I had had a PRN at my doctors office tell me about desiccated liver tablets working for her. I ignored her advice for a year and when I got to the point of quitting I decided to order the pills. You can't typically find them in a vitamin shop; I ordered mine on Amazon.

At around $15 for 250 pills for Solgar's desiccated liver tablets, taking 3 pills 3 times a day for around 1 month (until the bottle runs out), my plantars completely dissolved on their own within a few weeks. Just like that, no pain, no hassle, they just went away.

Desiccated liver tablets used to be what body builders used back in the day, they are made up of beef liver (Solgar's is Argentinian beef). It sounds gross and the taste isn't that great, plus the pills are a little large. But you get past all that when you're at war with warts.

As an added bonus to the pills, they give an increase in strength and bolster your immune system (this is the needed element to fight your warts).

Like any treatment for plantars, you can never be sure any one treatment is going to work for you. But desiccated liver tablets worked for me and I would highly recommend them. $15 and 1 month of your time is worth trying, I think.

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This cured my planta warts as well! I had three big plantar warts under both my feed for over 1.5 years. I had tried every home remedies I could found. From Apple cider vinegar, banana peel, oregana oil, super duck tapes etc. I made sure continued every method for at least 2 month before I moved on to the next one. Nothing really worked - at some point,I felt so hopeless and gave up all treatments because it was so hurting. I decided go for laser surgery. Before booking the appointment, I just bought two bottles of desccated liver tablets without even hoping anything. I gave myself one month to tryout. Around the end of 3rd weeks, I noticed all three plantar warts 'melted' away from inside. They were almost flat and soft after 4 weeks. I Believe they'll be gone within another 2 weeks! No pain at all. Try this method before any other methods!

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