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My tooth was hurting bad after drinking a soda and eating candy all i wanted to do was just cry cuz the pain was that bad my head and the whole side of my face started to hurt so i tried what my mother use to do back then

1: cup of warm salt water
2: take a q-tip dip it in rubbing alcohol
3: rub the q-tip around the bad tooth
Boo my toothache was gone :)

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@Patrice, iv seen your reciepe about de home remedy cure. So u said Hot water with salt. Q with alcohol, please help me I need the remedy I'm in extremely in pain.


@Patrice , about number 2.Q with alcohol. Could u plz help m what's de Q mean?


Q-tip means cotton on a stick normally used to clean ears


When do you use the salt water? Before or after your rub alcohol around the bad tooth?


are you talking about home rubbing achole


For me rinsing with warm salted water works very well. I do it at least twice a day.


Rinse mouth with salty warm as you can stand it water... Rinse well. Dip a qtip or a cotton bud in the rubbing alcohol and place around the offending tooth. :-)

Jennifer Shelton

Do u drink the cup of salt water or do u use it like mouth wash? Thanks for the info on the remedy girl I know the alcohol and q~tips worked!

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